Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift

Thigh aesthetics is a common body contouring procedure and is an invasive cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the thigh area. If exercise and weight control efforts have not helped you achieve your goals for a tighter, younger-looking body that is more in line with your overall body image, a thigh lift may be the right choice for you.

The most common reason for a thigh lift is to help reshape and smooth the thigh area after weight loss. Some people also opt for the procedure to gain more shape and feel more comfortable by wearing swimsuits, shorts, and jeans. If you are considering this procedure after losing weight, it is recommended that you maintain a stable weight or reach your target weight. This is because weight fluctuations can affect the results after thigh lift aesthetics.

What are the different types of thigh lift?

There are two types of thigh lift procedures:

  • Medial thigh lift is a surgical procedure to reduce excess skin and fat on the upper part of the inner thigh and to give a tighter appearance. It is performed by removing a crescent-shaped skin and fat from the inside of the thigh, creating a horizontal scar.
  • Standard thigh lift involves removing excess loose skin and fat to reshape, tone, and tighten the upper leg. It is a procedure often preferred as a result of weight loss. In this procedure, the trace is oriented both vertically and horizontally.

Who is a good candidate for a thigh lift?

Good candidates for thigh lift aesthetics:

  • Individuals with relatively stable weight
  • Persons with excessive soft tissue throughout the inner or middle thigh region and/or outer thigh
  • Healthy individuals without medical conditions that could impair healing or increase the risk of surgery.
  • People who have a positive view of what surgery can achieve and have realistic goals
  • Individuals who lead a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and exercise

How is life after surgery?

Thigh lift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure after 2 days of hospitalization using general anesthesia. The results of thigh lift surgery are almost immediate, but it may take several weeks for your results to show fully. Over time, some visible scars will remain, but your results are long-lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight and general fitness. Scars also heal over time, and maximum healing requires six months. As your body ages, it’s natural to lose firmness.

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