Lip Lift

Lip Lift

A lip lift is a procedure that helps improve the visible signs of aging by improving the appearance of the upper lip. Symptoms such as a long upper lip, a downward corner of the lip, the upper lip covering the upper teeth, or smokers’ lines can cause unwanted effects and an older appearance.

What are the different types of lip lift procedures?

There are various lip lift procedures, including the central lip lift, which shortens the upper lip and exposes the upper teeth. Lip lift can also help reduce the distance between the nose and upper lip. This type of cosmetic facial enhancement does not necessarily enlarge the lip, but it does help to elevate the upper lip area to make it appear larger. The incision is easily hidden at the base of the nose.

  • Central Lip Lift: It shortens the upper lip and advances the red part, helping to give the upper lip a more voluminous appearance. This is done by making a small incision hidden directly under the nose.
  • Mouth Corners Downturned: It helps to bring the corners of the mouth into a more attractive position by making a small incision at the edge of the mouth, with a surgery similar to central lip lift.

How is life after surgery?

In both approaches, very thin sutures are placed during the operation and are usually removed 4-7 days after the operation. Patients may experience minimal bruising, typically lasting less than a week post-operatively. The results of the lip lift operation will be long-lasting. Lifelong sun protection and a healthy lifestyle can help you maintain your youthful appearance.

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