Bichectomy is a plastic surgery procedure in which buccal fat pad tissue is removed from both sides of the face to reduce the appearance of cheek puffiness. It is an aesthetic operation performed to obtain a more beautiful face. Buccal adipose tissue has a biconvex shape and is located in the buccal cavity, which is bounded on the inside by the buccinator muscle, on the outside by the facial muscles, and behind it by the parotid gland. Despite weight loss, this fat remains in the body due to a different metabolism from other fatty tissue. On average, it is between 7-8 ml. Bichectomy adapts to the face and provides a youthful and aesthetic appearance.

How is life after surgery?

Bichectomy is performed with a small incision through the mouth under local anesthesia. If you are having more than one procedure at the same time, you may receive general anesthesia. Fat tissue can be removed, mobilized, or displaced. If this tissue is large, it can be reduced, and if it has been lowered over the years by the effect of gravity and losing its support, it can be raised with a series of stitches. The postoperative period is quite mild, and painless, and the swelling caused by the surgery usually lasts 3-4 days, but most of the time, this swelling is not visible from the outside. Typically, self-dissolving self-absorbing sutures are used. The new cheek shape can be seen after 10 days to two weeks. During this time, you can lead a normal life, avoiding strenuous exercise and smoking.

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